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Be a True Partner

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Be a True Partner

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A huge perk of being married is having a life partner who is just as committed to making the marriage work as you are. But not everyone enjoys true partnership.

A true partnership is one where both husband and wife can express themselves without fear of judgment, work together towards common goals and have equal influence over important decisions.  They are able to grow emotionally psychologically and spiritually as a result of their happy marriage.

What Does It Mean To Be True Partners?

1. Equal influence over important decisions

An equal balance of power and influence in decision making is necessary for a healthy relationship. This is because no one wants to be in relationship where their opinions are constantly ignored or their decisions constantly overruled. Both husband and wife should be able to express their thoughts and opinions freely without fear of being shut down.

2. Equal commitment to the relationship

In a true partnership, both parties are equally committed to the marriage. They have a similar amount of emotional investment in the relationship and they both want it to succeed. If there is a problem in the marriage, they both work hard to find a solution.

3. Common goals

Your spouse is not just your life partner but also your partner in personal growth and self-actualization. When you have common goals, you motivate each other to grow and become better people. Also, working on your goals together strengthens your marriage.

4. Equal personal responsibility

In a healthy marriage both parties take equal responsibility for the problems in the marriage. They do not waste time playing the blame game or going over what should/ would/ could have happened. Instead, they admit their mistakes and focus on coming up with possible solutions.

5. Honesty

True partners are always honest with each other. They know that lying to protect the other person’s feelings rarely ends well.  This does not mean that they are brutally honest with each other; they are kind and honest at the same time.

There is nothing better in marriage than having a true life partner. Follow this advice to learn how you can be a true partner to your spouse.

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