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Adopt a Pet Together!

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Adopt a Pet Together!

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Are you and your partner animal lovers?

Pets are great stress relievers, which is why studies show that couples with pets are happier in their relationships. They also have lower blood pressure!

There’s something about pets that makes people nicer! It’s a proven fact that humans are more likely to interact with each other positively when there’s a pet around.

But getting a pet with your partner isn’t something to be taken lightly. A cute and cuddly animal can quickly turn into your worst nightmare if you’re not well prepared and don’t know what to expect.

Before adopting a pet

Did you have a pet when growing up? If so, you are way ahead of the pack.

For starters, both of you should be okay with scooping poo, cleaning hair off the rug and cleaning the animal. If it’s a dog, it will also require walking. Discuss these tasks with your partner before getting a pet to ensure that he or she isn’t just in love with the idea of having a pet.

Secondly, maintaining a pet is expensive. The pet needs food, grooming and, once in a while, a trip to the vet. You may also want to purchase pet insurance which covers the vet bills in the event of an accident or illness. Make sure your budget can handle the extra expenses before you adopt a pet.

Knowing how to set boundaries for pets is also important. You may end up sharing your matrimonial bed with your cat or dog if you are not careful. Since your partner should not have to compete with the pet for your attention, discuss with your partner if and when you should let the pet into your bedroom.

Finding the right pet

If you are interested in adopting a cat, you should know that cats love attention. They require companionship and playtime daily.

The old myth about cats having nine lives is also somewhat true.  Cats live long and owing one is a long-term commitment.

You may also need to invest in a scratching post to keep the cat from scratching your furniture. Declawing is also an option but keep in mind that it is extremely painful for them.

If your interest is in adopting a dog, spend some time learning about the different breeds out there. Each breed has a unique character so it is important that you pick one that is compatible with your own character.

Also, consider the space and environment you are bringing the dog into. It is frustrating for a dog to live in a cage; a yard is preferable although not compulsory.

It’s okay to put off the idea of adopting a pet together for a while if you’re not quite ready. There’s no rush!

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