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Why All 5 Love Languages are Necessary for a Happy Marriage

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Why All 5 Love Languages are Necessary for a Happy Marriage

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Everyone has a primary love language which they absolutely need to feel loved. However, most people also have secondary love languages which play a huge part in keeping their love tank full.

While it’s very important to know and speak your spouse’s primary love language, it doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore the other love languages. People are capable of appreciating more than one love language.

If your spouse’s primary language is quality time, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts and physical touch. For example, they probably expect gifts on birthdays and anniversaries, even if receiving gifts is not their primary love language.

As a married person, you should strive to be fluent in all five love languages.

How to Speak the Five Love Languages

Quality Time

Quality time is not just about being together physically. It’s about both proximity and undivided attention.

For this reason, doing fun activities for couples doesn’t always count as quality time. It only counts when the focus is more on the other person rather than the activity.

Physical Touch

Physical touch means showing love through hugs, cuddling, hand holding, massages and even simply sitting close to each other on the couch. For example, if your spouse is going through something difficult, a hug can go much further in conveying your love than a gift.


People feel loved when you invest money and time in picking out something special for them. It lets them know that they are more important to you than the money or time you sacrificed in order to get them the gift.

Acts of Service

This is when you go out of your way to do something that makes your spouse’s life a little easier. This could be something as simple as making dinner, cleaning, driving them to an appointment or doing pretty much any other errand for them.

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation means using your words to let the other person know you love and care for them. It goes beyond simply saying I love you and includes compliments and reassurances.

All five love languages are necessary for a happy marriage. While it’s important to pay special attention to your spouse’s primary love language, you shouldn’t ignore the others.

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