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Men Need Romance Too! – Romantic Ideas for Him

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Men Need Romance Too! – Romantic Ideas for Him

Modern romance is a two way street; it can only work if both parties participate. Unfortunately, men often get the short end of the stick when it comes to romance. For some reason, most people believe that men do not care about romance. It’s no wonder that there are less romantic ideas for him than for her.

The truth is that men have romantic needs too. However, they view romance through different lenses than most women. Men tend to focus on physical intimacy and erotic romance. It may sound cliché but men really do associate romance with sexual intimacy. To be fair, physical intimacy releases oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, in our bodies. Therefore it’s only natural for married couples to feel more “in love” as a result of sexual intimacy.

Romantic Ideas for Him

Ego stroking  – Men enjoy having their egos stroked. A couple of compliments can make a man feel accomplished and appreciated. However, simply telling your husband how much you appreciate him is not much of a romantic gesture.  Go the extra mile and order a “Best Hubby” trophy or mug, or a pair of boxers that says “Greatest Lover.” This will make him feel more appreciated than a box of chocolates ever will.

Ego stroking also applies in the bedroom; men need to be affirmed and needed sexually. Husbands do not like to be rejected by their wives, and in fact, it can hurt them deeply. If your husband has bought you lingerie but you haven’t worn it in a long time, now would be a good time to retrieve it from the back of your drawer. Dress up for him.

Respect – Men have a deep need to be respected by their wives. This need is related to the need for ego stroking but it is not exactly the same. Respect involves honoring and showing appreciation for what your husband does to meet your needs and your family’s needs. You can show your appreciation by setting up a hot bath for him and offering him a massage when he gets home from a long day at work. Give him the royal treatment every once in while to show him that you appreciate his hard work.

Alone Time – Everyone deserves some alone time without judgment. If your husband wants to watch the big game during the weekend, don’t make him feel guilty about it. In fact, surprise him with tickets to the big game. Such a gift that doesn’t benefit you in any way demonstrates than you care about his happiness. A happy husband and wife make a happy marriage.

Men need romance as much as women do; they just view romance differently. The best romantic ideas for him focus on stroking the man’s ego, showing him respect and appreciation, and allowing him to have some guilt-free alone time.

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