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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 56: Name a Star

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 56: Name a Star

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Do you sometimes get bored with date night?

If so, you’re not alone. A romantic dinner can be a wonderful date night idea until it starts to feel like an obligation. If this has happened to you, it is time to add some variety to your life with new romantic date night ideas.

Stargazing is a great way for married couples to spend some alone time by simply getting lost in the vastness of the sky. With all the beautiful stars, galaxies and meteors, the night sky is a sight to behold.

Your Guide to Romantic Stargazing

Stargazing can be as easy as taking a walk at the end of your date or a lot more elaborate including a night time picnic. If you pick the latter, you will need to find an appropriate venue such as a deck, patio or a roof. Any of these places will work just fine as long as you can have some privacy.  If your area is too well lit, find a location where most of the light is blocked off by a building or a tree. However, make sure the area is safe.

Dress warmly and bring two soft blankets; one to lie on and another to drape over yourselves incase it gets a bit chilly. Add some thick cushions and pillows if you want to be more comfortable.

Once you have the venue and blanket, get started on your picnic basket. If possible, have dinner before the picnic. This way you won’t be stuck eating cold food and can just bring snacks.

It’s time to get started on your date night.

There is a lot more to romantic stargazing than just lying there staring at the sky; unless you are an astronomer, you probably won’t enjoy that for long. Here are some ideas to make it more romantic and exciting.

Name a star

Did you know that there are services that allow you to name a star after a loved one? It is a wonderful way to make him or her feel special and you even get a certificate as proof. Many services will also include instructions on how to find “your” star in the sky.

If you really want to surprise your spouse on a special day, you can arrange to have a star named after them before the date. This way, you can point it out in the sky when you present the gift.

Make a wish

If you are lucky enough to be out stargazing during a meteor shower, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make wishes. Just watch out for a shooting star and say your wish out loud. Take a look at the astronomical calendar or NASA’s website to find out when meteor showers are likely to occur.

Are you excited to try stargazing on your next date night? Get started with the planning with these simple tips.

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