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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 36: Do Not Repeat, Do Not Repeat, Do Not Repeat

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 36: Do Not Repeat, Do Not Repeat, Do Not Repeat

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To err is human and as you are alive you will keep making mistakes. Most mistakes will have little to no effect on your marriage if you follow these tips on how to save a relationship when mistakes occur.

Unfortunately, this is not how most of us deal with mistakes. Failing at something can be shameful and people will often try to cover it up by lying or denying it happened. This causes us to miss out on the wisdom and lessons of our mistakes.

Handling Mistakes in Marriage

How do you handle mistakes in your marriage? Most of us just wing it and hope for the best. However, the right thing to do it is to acknowledge the mistake, take responsibility, apologize, make things right and avoid repeating it.

Identifying the Mistake

It is extremely hard, if not impossible, to claim the lesson your mistake has for you if you do not identify the mistake. Your spouse may bring it to your attention or you may identify it through a little bit of soul searching.

Admitting the Mistake

If you’ve made a mistake and are looking for tips on how to save a relationship, simply tell the truth. Putting the blame on someone else or hiding it can only make things worse.

If you have ever had someone refuse to admit fault when they have clearly wronged you, you know how hurtful it can be. You don’t want your spouse getting stuck on your unadmitted fault since it can stop them from moving on. As long as your marriage is built on trust, you should feel safe enough to admit your wrongs to your spouse.

Also, admitting that your wrongs can go a long way to defuse your partner’s anger.

Accepting the Consequences

All mistakes have consequences and just because you deserve to be forgiven doesn’t mean you won’t have to face the consequences of your actions. For instance, if you have done something to break your husband’s or wife’s trust, he or she may subject you to more careful scrutiny the next time a similar situation arises.


Apologizing effectively is a skill that every couple has to learn so as to have a healthy relationship. It involves accepting full responsibility for your actions without making excuses or making it seem as if the situation was out of your control. It also involves making a commitment to make amends and not repeat the same mistake in the future.

Making Amends

Making amends can be as simple as going back to the store to pick up an item that you previously forgot or as complex as having to rebuild broken trust in your marriage. Either way, it is doable. If there is anything you can do to get rid of the unfavourable consequences of your mistake, you owe it to your partner to try and make things right.

Do Not Repeat

All the above steps are critical in ensuring you do not repeat the same mistake. After all, it is rather hard to repeat a mistake for which you have suffered the consequences and had to go out of your way to rectify the situation. The last thing you would want after working hard to regain your partner’s trust is to break it again.

When you handle mistakes in your marriage correctly, you are less likely to repeat them. Try this simple advice on how to save a relationship the next time you wrong your wife or husband.

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