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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 14: Secret Getaway

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 14: Secret Getaway

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Have you and your spouse had a romantic couple’s getaway recently?

Secret getaways are an exciting way to keep the fire burning in a marriage.  A nice weekend getaway, to some place off the beaten track where the two of you can enjoy some privacy, will go a long way to build intimacy in your marriage. If you are not sure where to take a vacation, here are some simple ideas for a secret couple’s getaway.

Road Trip

Regardless of where you live, there are always a few interesting locations close enough to get to on two tanks of gas but far enough to feel a million miles away.  Studies show that married couples who take road trips together arrive at their destinations with stronger relationships! This is because the trips provide an opportunity for couples to talk and share quality time. So this weekend, pack your car and take a road trip with your spouse to one of the interesting locations near you.

Volunteer Vacations

Do you enjoy volunteering with your spouse? Then consider taking a couple’s volunteer vacation. Contrary to popular belief, volunteerism isn’t all  about helping others; it comes with some perks for the romantic couples as well. Through volunteering, you  get to know the locals on trips which is far more memorable than being herded around in a tour group. It also provides an opportunity to build intimacy through shared experiences.

Wondering how to get started in planning a volunteer vacation? Talk to your local church as many places of worship arrange trips to volunteer. Also take a look at for additional volunteering opportunities.

Healthy Getaway

While everyone deserves some time away from diets and the gym, your getaway doesn’t have to be a nonstop food fest. It is possible to relax and stay fit at the same time.

This year, you can plan a healthy getaway where you still get great food and have plenty of time to relax, while staying fit. Plan your activities early but don’t go far obvious activities that you can do at home such as water activities or the gym.  Instead, take a hike, bike ride or explore other local fitness activities. You might also want to set a goal, as a couple, for what you would like to achieve during your fitness getaway.

Log Cabin Getaway

Do you want to take off for a romantic weekend getaway but a hotel stay lacks appeal? Log cabins or cottages are both romantic and traditional. They are  an ideal choice for romantic couples who do not have time for a long getaway and are quite easy to plan.  Just do a simple internet search for log cabin rental options at your destination of choice and you will come up with several options with different amenities. Pick one, contact the rental agency to make a booking and you are ready for your secret getaway.

Go to the Beach

A beach getaway may sound cliché but there are several ways to make it extra special. Whether you are in Florida, Hawaii or at your local beach, have a romantic dinner and  a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate as you relax on the beach. After the dinner, turn the beach into a private dance floor and dance to the natural rhythm of the tides. This will be a lot more fun than lying on the beach all day and only relocating to your bed at the hotel for the night.

Try one of these five ideas this weekend and you won’t believe just how relaxed and connected you will feel at the end of your romantic couple’s weekend.

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