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Simple Ways to Create a Happy Marriage

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Simple Ways to Create a Happy Marriage

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Some relationship issues are so complicated and severe that couples wonder if they will ever have a happy marriage again.

Truth is, very few marriage problems are simple.

BUT, here are some simple ways to ensure that you will have a lasting and happy marriage.

Give your marriage the time and attention it needs
Happy marriages don’t occur naturally within nature. They are created through hard work, time and effort. If your marriage means a lot to you, then give it time and attention. Ask yourself, “Am I investing enough of my energy into this relationship?”

Focus on your spouse’s positive traits
Which do you focus on more – your mate’s positive or negative traits? Believe it or not, you always get what you focus on. So if you want a happy marriage then make it a habit to focus on the positives.

If you find yourself criticizing your spouse, take a step back and focus your attention on what you love about them. Within no time you will start seeing an improvement because this shifts your thinking, and the quality of your interaction, with your husband or wife.

Be kind
As obvious as it may seem, some married people aren’t kind to their spouses – they’re friendlier and nicer to friends, colleagues or even strangers! For a happy marriage, be willing to go the extra mile for your spouse, and treat him or her better than anyone else — and do it without expecting anything in return.

Appreciate your spouse
If you haven’t already formed a habit of appreciating your spouse, then start now. You won’t believe how much joy and happiness a little appreciation can bring to your marriage. And don’t wait until your spouse does something out of the ordinary to show your appreciation either.

You could say, “I like your smile” or “Dinner was great, thank you.”

If you want something, ask
It’s unfortunate how many married people expect their spouses to read their minds. If you want a happy marriage, then let your spouse know your needs and wants. Don’t just drop hints that they might never pick up on – and even if they do, it will take longer to get what you want than if you would’ve just told then in the first place.

Don’t judge
How often do you listen to your spouse without judging them or getting defensive? To have a happy marriage, be open to your spouse’s suggestions. Realize that their point-of-view is just as valid and as important as yours. Just because they have a different opinion doesn’t mean they are wrong. A happy marriage cannot thrive in the face of critical, judgmental, and defensive behavior.

Take a risk
How can you expect a better marriage if you are unwilling to open your heart to your spouse?  Believe it or not, it is possible to be in a relationship and never allow your spouse to penetrate your walls of defense. If you want a better marriage, then take the risk to be vulnerable and let your spouse in.

Though the above steps won’t get rid of all your marriage problems, they will provide the necessary foundation for building a happy marriage.

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