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Have You Stopped Dating Your Spouse?

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Have You Stopped Dating Your Spouse?

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Date Nights in Marriage

Do you remember dating your partner before you were married?

Remember how much fun you had enjoying each others’ company while sharing new experiences together?

Have you stopped dating your spouse?

Though most couples continue to go out on dates even after they are married, once they have kids, date nights seem to go out the window. Needless to say, this isn’t good for any marriage because married couples still need to go out and have fun.

Date night helps to alleviate the stress that comes with jobs, bills and, yes, even kids.

Going out with your spouse once a month is enough to maintain a healthy marriage. There are so many ways to have fun, and although some cost a little bit of money, others are totally free. So if money is tight, you can still get out of the house and have a fun date night.

One of the main reasons why people stop having date nights is because they run out of new ideas! If you keep doing the same thing every month then you are bound to get bored.  So here are few fun date night ideas to get you started:

  • Dinner and  a movie (classic)
  • A concert
  • Go to a play
  • Walks along the beach or some other nearby scenic area
  • Swimming
  • Miniature golf (goofy, I know)
  • Book a hotel for a night and recreate your honey moon
  • Ice skating
  • Picnics
  • Hikes
  • Go to the county fair and ride the the bumper cars
  • Ride bikes together
  • Roller Blading
  • Couples’ massage
  • Bible study with another couple
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Weekend camping trips
  • Dance lessons
  • Have dessert while watching the sunset
  • Get in the car and take a ride together while listening to your favorite music
  • Go see your favorite comedian

Don’t let marriage kill your date nights.

Even after marriage, you need to spend quality time together away from the kids.

In order to have a happy marriage, you need to get away from everyday life to simply enjoy each other.

Though one date night a month is enough to keep a marriage happy, it all depends on how much time you have and your financial situation. If you can afford more than one date night a month and have the time, then by all means go out and have some fun!

If you have kids, then factor in the cost of hiring a baby sitter — which might determine the frequency of your date nights.

But no matter how busy you are or how tight money is, make sure to have at least one date night per month. And please try not to stay home for your date night as you may be tempted to do house chores.

Remember, it’s important for you and your spouse to do things that you both enjoy.

So go out on a date night this week! You have earned it! And your marriage deserves it!

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