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5 Tips for Solving Money Problems in Marriage

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5 Tips for Solving Money Problems in Marriage

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5 Tips for Solving Money Problems in Marriage

If money problems are affecting your marriage then you need to know that you are not alone.

Every marriage faces financial concerns of some kind at one point or another.

A common challenge facing marriages is that one spouse often feels that he or she is left out of the financial planning and spending discussions. Husbands and wives argue more about money than almost anything else (although sex, religion, and children are right up there, too).

But for a marriage to be successful, both spouses should be involved and have a say in the financial operations of the relationship.  Open communication is essential for avoiding money problems and making the best financial decisions.

If your marriage is going through financial ups and downs, do not despair. Most marriages struggle with money problems — especially during the down times.  But here are five tips to help you deal with these financial “downs” much more effectively.

Picking the Right Time

Find a non-stress time for you and your spouse to discuss finances in general and money problems in particular.

For example, go to a restaurant in the evening as this offers an opportunity to discuss financial concerns in a stress-free environment.  But if you would rather discuss such matters at home, then make arrangements for the children to be somewhere else so they don’t overhear and become burdened or worried about the family finances.


Don’t surprise your spouse with your money worries. Write down whatever money problems you think should be discussed. This keeps you on topic and from delving into discussing other marriage problems.

Avoid Getting Emotional

It helps if you and your spouse can discuss money problems unemotionally. Do not attack your spouse personally. When you raise issues and discuss money problems, use “I” instead of “you”. Don’t point fingers, simply state how you feel.

Let your Partner Speak, Too

Being kind and courteous to your spouse is always important but especially when trying to solve money problem. So allow your spouse to speak his or her mind — solicit their thoughts and feedback, too.


Only discussing your money problems won’t solve them; plan the way forward. For example, you and your partner could come up with a basic budget and decide what steps both of you will take to improve your financial situation. In addition, come up with goals and a to-do list to help track and measure future progress.

If when you begin to discuss money problems the conversation becomes argumentative, let it go. Revisit the topic when both are in a better frame of mind to address the issue productively.

These five tips create a positive atmosphere and proactive process for a healthy discussion on one the issues that is profoundly linked to marital happiness. So, if money problems are taking a toll on your marriage, take action today by following this process to turn things around.

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