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Six Tips For A Happy Marriage

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Six Tips For A Happy Marriage

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Six Steps For Having a Happy Marriage

Having a happy marriage really isn’t as obvious as some people might think. If so, then it stands to reason that there wouldn’t be so many unhappy marriages.

When you are on the inside of a long term relationship, it’s not always easy to see the big picture.  Hopefully these six tips will help you to have and enjoy a happy marriage.


The importance of effective communication for having a happy marriage cannot be stressed strongly enough.

(Quarreling and arguing is by no means considered effective communication 🙂 .)

Marriage counselors advocate active dialogue, talking over your day, self-assessment, problem identification and exploring possible and practical ways of addressing them. Direct communication is one of the secrets to a happy marriage.

Admit your Mistakes
Unfortunately, many couples having problems in marriage have a hard time admitting to each other that all is not well. For you to have a happy marriage, you need to be true to yourself, your partner and your marriage.

If you can identify what you are doing wrong early enough in the process, then you might not need marriage counseling. When a problem arises, talk to your partner about it and solve it as soon as possible to have a happy marriage.

Realize That The Honeymoon Stage will Pass
There is a big difference between falling in love and maintaining a healthy and happy marriage. In the honey moon stage of the marriage, sexual attraction is very strong, and both parties often feel euphoric. Most couples usually assume that their relationship will work itself out over time so long as they are in love. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In marriage, couples encounter situations that they have never encountered before. Naturally, both individuals will react differently to these situations which could be the source of conflict. Once the honey moon stage has passed you will have to work together towards staying in love and having a happy marriage.

What Goes Around Comes Around
In marriage, just like any other part of life, you get what you give. If you are willing to do everything you can to have a happy marriage, within no time your partner will reciprocate. Ensure that your partner knows how you feel about him or her and make efforts to make them happy.

Mend the Relationship, Not your partner
Mending a marriage doesn’t mean mending your partner. Most marriage counselors will say that you cannot have a marriage by modifying your spouse’s behavior. Do not attempt to change your spouse’s behavior for your own happiness. Thinking that you can change your spouse or, worse yet, “train” them, is a breeding ground for conflict.

As soon as you begin having serious marriage problems, seek marital counseling in an attempt have a happy marriage. Do not wait until it’s too late. Some marriage problems that signal the need for marital counseling include: communication breakdown, lack of sexual intimacy, and frequent arguments and violence, to only name a few.

Unless there have been incidents of violence in the marriage, it is better to seek couples counseling as opposed to individual counseling. This way you can deal with your marital problems under the watchful eye of a professional marriage counselor.

Most marriage professionals say that the ultimate secret to a happy marriage is commitment. I agree. I believe that as long as you both are committed to having a happy marriage you will succeed as long as you are willing to invest the time, energy and effort it takes to make your dream marriage come true.

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