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Spirituality: Better Sex

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Spirituality: Better Sex

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Does spirituality = Better Sex?

Spirituality Leads to Better Sex

It’s true – spiritual couples have better sex!

If you watch popular media you might come away with the idea that deeply spiritual Christian couples are uncomfortable with sexuality – and that the idea of wanting to have better sex might even be frowned upon.

Truth is, significant factors link spirituality and sexuality — and those links produce better sex.

Healthy Christian spirituality involves several principles that actually enhance marital sex. Among those factors is the ability to give and receive forgiveness, also known as grace.

Holding a grudge against your mate creates a barrier to intimacy.  Without intimacy there can be no genuine sexuality. When you release your resentment by forgiving your spouse, that barrier is removed, which leads to (you guessed it) better sex!

But grace also involves the ability to receive forgiveness.

When we fail to receive forgiveness we usually experience feelings of guilt and shame.  And guilt and shame are anything but sexy. Guilt and shame make us feel unworthy of emotional and even physical intimacy – which definitely does not lead to having better sex; quite the opposite is true.

When guilt and shame cloud our mind and weigh heavily upon our heart, we find it difficult to believe that our spouse could actually love us.

So, if you want better sex, then accept the forgiveness your spouse offers as this will start clearing away feelings of guilt and shame.

Another element of Christian spirituality is the principle of self-sacrificial love.

When you place the needs of your spouse above your own then your spouse will feel loved and cherished. This leads to greater feelings of attraction and deeper intimacy, which leads to better sex.

Christians view marriage as being blessed by God. The marriage vow is something that God intends for us to take seriously. The commitment that results from this view of marriage, helps both parties feel safer and more secure in the relationship. This makes trust easier to attain.

It also increases feelings of self-worth and dignity. Combined, these factors create a better sex life.

Christian spirituality also places a high value on openness and honesty.

It’s impossible to fully trust anyone who is closed, secretive and dishonest.

Relationships with such people are anything but intimate. But when the Christian values of openness and honesty are exhibited in the lives of Christian couples, deeper levels of trust and intimacy are experienced, resulting in more frequent and higher quality physical expressions of mutual love.

So, how can you bring the benefits of Christian spirituality into your marriage (and enjoy better sex)?

First, you begin by accepting the forgiveness of Christ.  Receive His love and His assurance of eternal life.  Strive to know Him better through the Christian disciplines of worship, prayer, Bible study, generosity, and obedience.

The objective is to replicate Christ’s life in you.

While this is impossible for you to achieve on your own, Jesus offers to reproduce Himself in you through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Next, pray for your spouse daily.

Ask God to show you what you can do to let your mate know that you love and cherish them.  Pray for God’s richest blessings for your partner.

Finally, commit yourself to Christ daily.

Commit to being His instrument for bringing love and grace to your marriage.

The truth is,  few things are sexier than a truly spiritual man or woman. And among the marvelous benefits you will receive is…better sex!

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