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Effects Of Pornography: Pornography And Marriage Part 1

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Effects Of Pornography: Pornography And Marriage Part 1

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Effects of Pornography on Marital Satisfaction.

Effects Of Porn

Despite the claims of some that pornography can be a helpful marital aid, many researchers assert that the effects of pornography actually serve to decrease marital satisfaction.

In fact, due to the negative effects of pornography, couples who use it (compared to those who don’t) actually have less frequent sex and less satisfying sex.

One of the less obvious effects of pornography that is rarely discussed is that porn users have more frequent bouts of depression.

But there’s an even more sinister danger regarding the effects of pornography that is rarely mentioned.

Often times, a child’s first exposure to pornography is when he or she stumbles across a secret stash at home or at a friend’s house. And since most adult consumers of pornography report that their first exposure came when they found their father’s pornography, one of the effects of pornography is that users might be unwittingly placing their children at risk.

Another common effect of pornography is that wives whose husbands use pornography report having feelings of frustration, worthlessness, and inadequacy.

Additionally, another effect of pornography is that married men who use pornography often attempt to bring the activities they have discovered in the material that they are viewing into their marriage.  If their spouse resists, these men tend to withdraw and escape even more into pornography, further ignoring the relationship issues that desperately need their attention. So the effects of pornography result in a gradual erosion of the marriage relationship.

Among the most damaging effects of pornography is that users of pornographic material tend to spend less time with their spouse and family.

The effects of pornography often involve addictive behavior where the spouse is driven to spend countless hours consuming pornography — time that could be used to strengthen and deepen family relationships.

So the attention-starved spouse and children will often seek other ways of filling the void that daddy’s or mommy’s absence creates.

The bottom line is that the effects of pornography have a detrimental influence on the marriage and family.

If your spouse is using pornography, then here are a few suggestions to help you deal with the damaging effects of pornography within your marriage:

First, address the issue with your spouse.  Don’t do this in an angry or confrontational manner, but with love and tenderness.

If you are unable to control your emotions in a face to face conversation, try writing a letter in which you address the issues and effects of pornography as you see them.

But before you give the letter to your spouse, read and re-read it several times in order to edit out any anger or bitterness.  Love motivates while anger isolates.

If your spouse fails to address the effects of pornography or refuses to make changes, then it may be time to seek outside assistance.  You may choose to talk to a counselor or member of the clergy.

Seek their advice on how to deal with the effects of pornography on your marriage and follow it.

Another thing you can do is look for support groups.

Many communities have support groups that aid those whose spouse has a sexual addiction.  These groups typically help their members see the problem more realistically while providing proven suggestions for dealing with issues pertaining to the effects of pornography.

What happens if your mate continues to refuse to get help for this problem? You may reach the point where it’s necessary to set a boundary.

In the most serious of situations, boundaries may include a variety of things including separation or even divorce. But do not set a boundary unless you are ready to act on it because idle threats actually make the problem worse.

Keep in mind that positive action has a greater potential for a positive outcome.

Truth is, the effects of pornography is a growing problem within marriages today because it has become increasingly more acceptable within mainstream media by in large.

The problem won’t go away by itself. Positive action must be taken.

But the good news is that you don’t have to do this alone.  Help is available.

You and your family deserve to have a marriage that is free from the detrimental effects of pornography.

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