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Let’s Talk About Love Tests, Shall We?

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Let’s Talk About Love Tests, Shall We?

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Will your relationship make it? Will it tank? What does your relationship’s future hold?

Many couples turn to love tests to predict their survivability.

Navigating the Ridiculous World of Love Tests

Some love tests are absolutely ridiculous. Is your romantic future really in the hands of astrology, numerology or name compatibility? Some people think so.

People want to know if they’re compatible with the person they’re considering spending the rest of their life with. In other words, are they a keeper?

Love tests like numerology, astrology and name compatibility fail to take into account the human condition.

Personality Testing

Personality testing might be a better consideration.

Personality testing evaluates a person’s willingness to compromise, ability to work through problems, leadership capability, or willingness to fight fair or change their minds, which indicates their ability to maintain a long-term relationship.

Just for the Fun of it…

Other kinds of love tests are more for fun, like whether your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you (okay, that doesn’t sound fun), or if you’re a good flirt or a fun date, or testing the stability of your current personal relationship.


It seems we’re preoccupied with love and falling in love and how to stay in love. Psychologists have developed tests that are supposed to give you an idea of whether or not you’re in a relationship that will last.

Researchers know that “falling in love” is very different from the experience of a long-term love relationship.

Sometimes, these tests help you differentiate between infatuation, which is the beginning of falling in love, and real love, which is a desire to put another person’s needs and wants over your own (in a healthy, selfless way, of course).

Cheapened Love

There are so many different definitions of the word love. Love can mean different things to different people. No wonder there’s so much confusion. “Love” can be a term having to do with affection and respect, or a shallow expression about something that gives you intense pleasure like “I love chocolate cake!” or “he loves his wife deeply” or “she loves her work.”

Perhaps the problem is “love” has become too casual and common because it can mean just about anything.


But we’re talking about love tests. Another way that love tests are used is to indicate whether or not you’re currently ready to enter into a relationship with another person.

For instance, you may have just recently gone through a bad breakup or a divorce, in which case you may not be emotionally ready to enter into another relationship.

Love quizzes and love tests also help identify the types of individuals you may be attracted to or better matched based on your own personality types.

Try Not to Fall too Hard

It seems there are a million different kinds of love “tests” and how they’re used. But these tests were not written by the finger of God. So don’t follow them blindly.

Use them casually. Get a general idea of where things are in your life today. Remember that people and situations change. Also, keep in mind that we can make a new decision to take our life in a new and better direction at any moment. We’re not stuck or trapped by the stars or names or numbers, and not even by the best psychological tests known to man.

So, have fun with these tests…just don’t fall in love with them.

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