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5 Easy Ways To Have A Better Relationship With Your Friends

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5 Easy Ways To Have A Better Relationship With Your Friends

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Feelings of loneliness and isolation are bad for physical and mental health. Genuine social connection enhances well-being. In fact, some would claim that we can’t be healthy without it.

Healthy friendships are essential to improving and maintaining longevity and quality of life. In fact, when researchers studied centenarians, people a hundred years old or older, something they had in common was social connection.

A good friend is there when you need them, just as you are for them. They fill your life with love and joy. You laugh, cry and celebrate with them. And make special memories.

Love and friendship breathe life into our soul. One of the best parts of our lives, if not the best part, is our friendships.

Here are five easy ways to improve your relationships with your friends.

1.     Stay connected

Make time to stay connected. Reach out. Plan activities, whether it’s a quick lunch or an evening out. Schedule time with your friends. Make it a priority.

Although face-to-face time is best and the most enjoyable, you can always call, text or email. Ask about their day. Tell them about yours. Reminisce. Laugh. Share a joke. Connect.

Use your calendar and technology to stay connected with your friends.

2.     Remember Birthdays & Other Important Dates

Send a small gift or a card, or even a funny GIF. Acknowledge dates and occasions that are important to your friends. Your friends will appreciate it more than you know. And do it even if they don’t always return the favor. Be a great friend because you’re just that kind of person.

Add dates to your calendar and set reminders so you don’t forget and have time to get a card or a gift, or to plan a special activity. Make an effort.

3.     Listen and Encourage

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and need someone to listen; it’s natural to lean on our friends. But life isn’t always about us. Don’t be the center of attention. Don’t neglect your friends and how they feel.

Listen to your friends. Respect their thoughts and feelings. Ask open-ended questions. Let them lean on you. Be there for them. Give them your support. Try not to be critical or judgmental.

Trying to understand how they feel and where they’re coming from is a great way to build a lasting bond with your friends.

Be present. Don’t be distracted by your phone when you’re talking to them. Give them your full attention. Let them know they matter. Also, consider their suggestions and be willing to compromise; be flexible.

4.     Share Your Life and Be Open

Let your friends into your life. Share good news and happy events. Let them celebrate with you. Doing so promotes gratitude and trust. 

Let them know when you’re facing something tough so they can support you. Doing so deepens and strengthens your relationships. But use discretion. And don’t overly rely on your friends emotionally. Seek professional help when needed. Don’t go to your friends for “therapy.”

It makes your friends feel good when you open up and trust them. It gives them a chance to be there for you, just as you were, and are, for them.

5.     Do Nice Things Just Because

You don’t need a reason to do something nice for your friends. It shows that you care for them, and that the relationship matters to you.

Offer help when they could use a hand. Make life a little easier. Add to their peace and happiness.

Doing something nice can be as simple as affirming their skills and decisions.

Compliment them. Offer a word of encouragement. Throw a party or take them out when they get a promotion. If you’re the handy type, help them put something together or make a repair. And do it because you’re a good friend and not because you’re trying to get something from them.  

In Summary

Social connection and personal relationships are vital to overall wellness. Embrace your friends. Celebrate your relationships. Happy and successful people share life with their friends; they don’t take them for granted.

Friends are one of life’s most precious gifts. Let your friends know how much they matter to you and how grateful you are that they’re in your life.

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