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Why Fearlessness is the Foundation to a Solid Marriage

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Why Fearlessness is the Foundation to a Solid Marriage

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What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid? Would your marriage be different? Many people are afraid to surrender all their love to their spouses. Some are afraid to be vulnerable, while others fear that they will lose their individuality. Unfortunately, marriage romance cannot thrive amidst such insecurity.

Trust is essential in any relationship, more so in marriage. It enables you to give in to your partner without any fear whatsoever. You can only know true romance if you allow yourself to be vulnerable with your husband or wife. This requires finding the right balance between the inner child and the responsible adult.

The first step to being vulnerable with your spouse is learning to challenge self-defeating beliefs and thoughts. Your spouse does not expect you to be a tower of strength and security all the time. You do not need to be and act strong for your spouse because as a Christian couple, your strength comes from the lord. Don’t miss out on an opportunity for romantic love, in an attempt to appear strong.

A sure way to bypass the self-defeating beliefs that keep you from being vulnerable with your spouse is to do what you would do if you weren’t afraid. This doesn’t mean throwing all caution to the wind; it means not letting irrational fears stop you from realizing the fullness of marriage romance.

Vulnerability goes hand in hand with compromise. Unfortunately, compromising isn’t easy either; it can leave you feeling dissatisfied. If you want to get better at compromising, learn to focus on the end goal. It all about romance; everything else is just details. The only compromises that you should be worried about are those that go against your fundamental beliefs and those that affect the end goal significantly.

For instance, if you and your spouse are planning a romantic dinner, focus on the fact that you are going to spend quality time together. This way, you won’t be too unhappy if you don’t get to go to the restaurant of your choice. The restaurant, the food and everything else are just details. Don’t let the details ruin marriage romance for you.

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