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Saying “I Love You”

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Saying “I Love You”

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Are you wondering what you can do to make your partner feel loved and cherished?

You may think you need a grand gesture to say “I love you,” but  sometimes all you really need to do is say those three words or write them down in a love note.

The Perfect Love Note

When did you last write your wife or  husband a love note? Technology may have made love notes & letters a thing of the past but they still a very powerful way to make your feelings known.

Something handwritten can mean a lot more to your mate than an email since it shows you put a lot of thought into it. It doesn’t even have to be long as long as it conveys your love and appreciation.

The note can be short as long as it passes on your adoration, duty, profound respect and appreciation.

The Language of Love

To have a healthy and happy marriage, you need to be conversant with the five main ‘languages of love’: words of affirmation, quality time, gift giving, physical touch and acts of service. The more languages you can put into use, the better the relationship between you and your spouse will be.

For instance, when writing love notes, you can use words of affirmation to affirm your love and commitment for your partner. Similarly, you can offer the gift of quality time to your significant other in a note. None of the languages is particularly superior to the others; it all boils down to what language  your partner understands best.

The Dos

Always begin your love note with a romantic and sentimental greeting followed by simple, straightforward and positive statements. These statements could be anything from an expression of your feelings for your spouse to an appreciation of their special qualities.  Lastly, don’t forget to mention how much you are looking forward to seeing your husband and then sign out with loving words like ‘my greatest love’.

The Donts

There is a thin line between being romantic and sounding desperate. You can express your desire and devotion for your spouse in your note but do not suggest things like you can’t survive without them.

Secondly, don’t copy your love letter from the internet, a poem or a song you heard. It’s better to stay original and write down what comes from deep within you.  Also, don’t use modern technology such as texting, chatting or tweeting when expressing your love. Take a pen and a piece of paper to write it down. This will mean a lot more to your partner. All in all, remember to have fun, tease and be playful in your love notes.

Take a few minutes right now to note down your love for your partner, then stick the note in an unusual place where you know your partner will find it. This could be in a CD case, on the bathroom mirror or in your partner’s lunch box. Finally, sit back and wait for your spouse’s response to your love note; I guarantee it will be good.

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