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Everyone Loves a Good Compliment

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Everyone Loves a Good Compliment

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Young couples are very generous with compliments. They just can’t stop expressing their appreciation and admiration for each other.

But most couples don’t keep up these compliments after the honeymoon phase of marriage. Repeating the same compliments over and over again can get old very fast. However, it’s possible to appreciate your partner without being repetitive.

Complimenting Your Partner in Public

When was the last time you said something nice about your husband or wife in front of friends and family?

The best way to express your admiration for your partner in public is to mention something that you appreciate about them in passing. Say something like “my wife’s patience has been a blessing in our marriage,” but don’t overdo it as it might make other people uncomfortable. The best compliments go beyond your partner’s appearance.

Specific Compliments

Generic compliments like “you look nice” can get old pretty quickly. Specific compliments are more intimate and seem more genuine.

For example, if you’re complimenting your spouse for a job well done, don’t just say “good job.” Talk about how amazing the results are and how much you appreciate your husband or wife for a meticulous job.

Beyond Words

Words are not always enough to express how you feel about your spouse. Sometimes you need to go the extra mile and accompany your compliment with a gift. Nothing says “I’m thinking of you,” like a thoughtful gift.

Beyond Physical Appearance

Compliments should go beyond physical appearance. Appreciating your partner’s personality such as how loving, caring and hardworking they are is just as romantic as appreciating how they look. Seeing beyond your spouse’s physical traits enhances your emotional connection and intimacy.

A Healthy Relationship

It’s easy to have a healthy relationship, when your partner has a healthy self-esteem and confidence. Compliments can help them get there faster.

Remember the two of you are not as young as you used to be and your wife or husband could use the reassurance that you still find them attractive.

Compliments also come in handy when broaching sensitive topics or giving constructive criticism. Acknowledging what the person has done right creates the right vibe for a deep, meaningful conversation and intimacy in marriage.

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