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Want to Meet Other Couples? Host a Dinner Party

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Want to Meet Other Couples? Host a Dinner Party

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Couples who spend time with other married couples are more likely to have a happy and satisfying marriage. There’s something about spending time with other couples that makes people feel closer to their romantic partners.

Sadly, it’ not easy to meet new couple. That’s where dinner parties come in.

Dinner parties are a great way to unwind and meet other couples. You get to spend time with your partner and friends at the same time.

And once you throw a dinner party, it’s only a matter of time before you start receiving invites to similar parties.

Throw a Simple Dinner Party

The truth is that throwing a dinner party can be stressful. However, don’t let that stop you!

There are ways to throw simple dinner parties that won’t have you running around, putting out fires until the last minutes. Here is an easy guide to help you so that.

Invite People

If you are planning to throw a dinner party for your friends, the first thing you want to do is make sure they are available on that day. Since many married couples are busy, it may take time to coordinate a date that works best for everybody.

Tell your friends you’re thinking of throwing a dinner party and ask them to tell their friends. If you find a day and time that works for everyone, consider making it a regular thing. Your friends will love it!

Once you have gotten people excited about your party, it is time to start planning the party.

Pick the Food

Whether you are throwing a dinner party to spend time with your couple friends or meet other couples, the last thing you want is to spend all your time in the kitchen preparing or serving elaborate dishes. Pick dishes that you can prepare a day or two in advance and simply reheat it for the party. This will allow you to maximize your time with the guests.

In addition to the main dish, pick out some snacks and beverages so that guests who arrive early have something to snack on or drink as they await the rest.

Have a Plan

How long is your dinner party going to last?

Are you going to begin the dinner party with hors d’oeuvres or drinks?

For your sake and that of your guests, you should have a structure to your party. A typical dinner party lasts four hours and begins with some bite-sized snacks and drinks to take the edge off the guests’ appetites. If you send a formal invitation, include a short program so that your guests know what to expect.


You can either a formal seating chart with place cards on the table or allow your guests to pick their own seats. What you do will depend on how well you know them. If you are not well acquainted you’re your guests, go with the later.


This is where you decide whether you are going to have a buffet or your guests are going to be served. Whatever you decide let your guests know how and when you will serve, pray and eat to avoid confusion and embarrassment.

Do not worry too much about clearing the table after dinner. Sit down and enjoy your meal and when all your guests are done eating, clear the dishes. Ask your spouse for help you if need be.

Make it Memorable

Throw in some games and have some lively music playing in the background to make your party memorable. Also, consider giving your guests small gifts such as wrapped baked goods.

When planning a dinner party, keep in mind that the dinner is as much for you as it is for your guests. Relax, have fun and make new couple-friends.

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