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Intimacy In Marriage – After Having Kids

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Intimacy In Marriage – After Having Kids

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Intimacy in marriage is the art of making your spouse feel wanted and understood. This art is tough enough to master when you are dating or newlywed and focusing all your attention on each other, let alone when you have kids.

The main mistake that parents make is forgetting that they were a couple before they were parents. Instead of dividing their attention between their spouse and kids, they completely shift their attention from each other to their kids. This causes the sense of closeness and intimacy they had with each other to suffer. However, this can be prevented with the following marriage tips.

Create intimate moments

Time is a limiting factor when you have kids. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to take a few hours away from the kids and focus on each other.

As parents, you need to learn how to create and enjoy intimate moments amidst all the chaos. Small gestures such as quick hugs, eye contact and gentle hand squeezes can create an intimate atmosphere instantly. They are also a great way of letting your partner know that you understand what they are going through as a parent.

Flirt with each other

There is no reason why you shouldn’t continue the love affair that brought you together even after having kids. You can keep the flirtation going by sending your partner flirtatious texts, writing them love notes or complimenting them on their appearance in a flirtatious manner.

Make time for adult conversation

One of the things parents crave most is adult conversation.  Having conversations that do not revolve around your kids is a great way to maintain the bond and connection you have with your spouse.

Think back to when you were dating. What were some of your favorite topics to discuss?  Failing to make time for adult conversation is one of the main reasons why parents sometimes feel as if they no longer have anything in common.

Enjoy parenthood together

Parenting together can create a sense of closeness and intimacy in marriage, like you have never experienced before. So, savor those milestones and embrace each moment that parenting brings your way together. It’s not unusual for parents to bond over diaper changes, potty training and other less glamorous parts of parenting.

Schedule time together

Scheduling time for each other is the only way to guarantee that you get “couple time.” Many parents make the mistake of scheduling everything else first and then assuming they’ll spend whatever time is left over together. Unfortunately, there is rarely any time left over.

Scheduling time for your spouse makes them feel like they are a priority in your life and vice versa. This feeling of being wanted fuels intimacy in marriage.

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