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Changing Your Name After Marriage – What You Need to Know

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Changing Your Name After Marriage – What You Need to Know

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Many people, especially women, change their last names after marriage. Some do it because it’s tradition while others do it because they want to have the same last name as their spouse and kids. Whatever your reasons, if you are planning on changing your name after marriage, there are a couple of things you need to know.

What will you require?

In order to change your name officially, you’ll need certified copies of your marriage license. Your new last name should be on the license.

Copies of the license can be obtained from the county clerk’s office – where your license was filed. If your state offers both short and extended marriage certificates, make sure you get the extended one.

Besides your marriage license, you’ll need proof of your identity, age and U.S. citizenship, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Updating Your Social Security Information

The last thing you want is a mismatch between your name and Social Security Number record. To update the information on your Social Security Number record, you’ll need to apply for a new Social Security card. Fill out an application and file it with your local Social Security office. The Social Security Administration will notify the IRS that you are changing your name.

Updating Your Driver’s License

Once you have your new social security card, you can apply for new driver’s license with your new last name. Before making a trip to your local DMV, check your state’s DMV website for instructions on how to update your driver’s license and for the application forms. Also, find out what documents you’ll need to bring with you to the DMV e.g. your old license and your certified marriage license.

Changing Your Name Everywhere Else

With your new social security card and driver’s license, you should be able to update your record everywhere else such as your place of work, bank, credit card companies and insurance companies. You’ll also need to inform the electric and utility companies, the voter registration office and the passport office of your name change. You may be asked for a certified copy of your marriage license and your new Social Security Card as proof of your marriage/name change.

This article is intended to give you an idea of what changing your name after marriage entails. Always check with the relevant offices for the exact requirements.

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