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Why Get Married? Here are 5 Good Reasons

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Why Get Married? Here are 5 Good Reasons

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Marriage is becoming less and less popular everyday. Only about half of all American adults are married down from 72% in the ‘60’s. Some of the reasons why people used to get married in the old days are no longer relevant. For instance, women no longer need to marry for financial security and men no longer need to marry in order to be respected and hold positions of power.

However, even though these reasons are no longer relevant. There are still many reasons to get married.

Public declaration of love

The marriage ceremony is a public declaration of a couple’s love and devotion for each another. This is why during the wedding ceremony, the couple vows, before God, family and friends, to love and support each other.

Sense of security

Marriage provides a sense of security which is essential for true intimacy. It creates the perfect environment for the couple to achieve their greatest potential in emotional and physical closeness.

Better health and longer life

Married people are healthier and live longer than their unmarried counterparts, because marriage encourages healthier behavior.  For instance, married couples tend to nag each other about doctor’s appointments and preventative health checks. They are also more likely to have health insurance than single people.

Better finances

When you are married, you can share insurance benefits, a car, a home etc. The two of you may not be able to “live as cheaply as one” but you’ll probably save a lot more money than you would if you were single or in a committed relationship.  In addition, married men get promoted more often and, on average, earn more than single men.

A family of your own

One of the most common reasons why people are still getting married is because they want to start families of their own. Raising kids is a lot easier when you are married.  Also, kids that are raised by married biological parents are more likely to do well in school and to be physically and emotionally healthier.

Although marriage has gotten a bad rap in recent years, most single people still want to get married. This is because married couples are closer, healthier, happier and richer than unmarried couples.

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