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Saving Your Marriage With Compassion

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Saving Your Marriage With Compassion

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Showing your spouse compassion is one of the keys to a happy marriage. A relationship that lacks compassion soon becomes cold and harsh.  

Being A Compassionate Spouse

Compassion combines consideration, kindness, concern, and empathy, laying the foundation for a fulfilling love life and happy marriage.

Compassionate people are happier. And a loving couple who shows each other compassion has a more understanding and joyful marriage.

Being there for your spouse when they’re feeling down or going through hard times can make all the difference. A simple act of compassion like a hug or an “I love you, and we’re going to get through this” can boost their spirit and ignite hope. 

Encouraging words and warm hugs are simple compassionate gestures that will endear your spouse to you.

Holding their hand, giving emotional support, and staying by their side, eases fear and anxiety and offers reassurance with whatever they’re going through. 

Relationships that lack compassion are harsh and unforgiving.

Once compassion begins to fade, interactions will be less kind and caring. Resentment will build, and loneliness will set in. Soon, you will feel alone in the relationship.

Compassion creates a safe place to be vulnerable and express your feelings, and it helps you to deal with issues as they arise. Nothing can replace your partner’s empathy or soft touch. Compassion creates a healing space and emotional security. 

Build Compassion

Building compassion begins with desire and then choosing to be compassionate. Ask your spouse about their needs, and then share yours to know where to focus your love and energy so you can be there for each other.  

Second, commit to making compassion a standard in your marriage. Let your words and actions overflow with love and understanding to keep your marriage from becoming cold and harsh. When your relationship starts growing cool, pinpoint the source and address it immediately.  

Enhance Compassion

Gazing into each other’s eyes for a few seconds is a beautiful way to enhance compassion. Although seen in movies all the time, we rarely see it in real life. Stop and look deeply into your spouse’s eyes; feel their emotions to create more compassion and depth.

Remember, although showing compassion through acts of kindness is good, it’s better to be compassionate at your core. When your spouse shares an issue with you, be empathetic; they’ll know and feel that you care about them and what they’re going through because you are compassionate. They’ll reciprocate by being more caring and compassionate.

Compassion interrupts coldness, harshness, and indifference, allowing the marriage to find happiness and warmth again. 

Make your marriage a place of warmth and love by practicing compassion daily, even when your spouse does something that hurts your feelings. Treat your spouse how you want them to treat you to unlock your happiest marriage. What matters in your relationship isn’t whether you see each other…it’s choosing how you see each other. 

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