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Do You Know These 5 Things About Your Spouse?

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Do You Know These 5 Things About Your Spouse?

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How well do you think you know your spouse? Sometimes you think you know them so well you can read their mind, and other times you find yourself wondering, “Who are you? I don’t even know you anymore!”

I’m not sure we ever reach the point where we can know all there is to know about someone.

Perhaps certain things are better left unknown.

However, the following are a few things every spouse should know about their partner.

Their Likes & Dislikes…

How well do you really know someone if you don’t know their likes and dislikes?

Hopefully, you and your spouse are making an effort to know each other’s likes and, just as important, your dislikes so you don’t drive each other crazy!

What’s their favorite food and least favorite restaurant? What about movies, entertainment, music, artists and paintings, vacation spots, colors, and cities? What’s their least favorite season and why?

Who are their favorite people, and people they dislike most? What habits annoy them? What’s their favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner?

Could you list your spouse’s top likes and dislikes if you had to? If not, ask them! Remember that a person’s likes and dislikes can change over time.

Thеir Fears…

Evеrуone has fears.

Fears can be anything, ranging from phobias or being afraid of spiders to the fear of abandonment.

You need to know your partner’s fears to avoid triggering them and support them when they are afraid. 

What specific things is your spouse afraid of? Find out so you can be there for them when they need you most.

Their Dreams & Aspirations…

How well do you know their dreams, goals and aspirations? Maybe you asked them years ago, but have things changed over the years since you last asked? If they’ve changed, why? And why are their dreams and aspirations important to them?

Want to make your spouse really happy? Support their dreams and goals, and work with them to make them come true.

Find out if there’s something they’ve always wanted to buy or do, and see if there’s anything you can do to help make it happen.

Their Secret Desires and Passions…

Most people have secret desires they don’t share with anyone because they think they’re unrealistic, embarrassing, or it makes them feel silly.

It could be anything from wanting to vacation for a month in Europe to wanting more children.

Strive to have an open mind and be a safe place for your spouse to share their secret desires.

You might feel uncomfortable with some of their secret desires for any number of reasons, but your partner should be able to come to you with whatever is on their mind or heart.

Also, what are they most passionate about? Maybe they have a passion for flying and want to get their license but feel it’s too impractical. Whatever it is, you’re their spouse, and knowing their secret desires and passions will deepen intimacy, as long as you have the kind of relationship where it’s safe to be vulnerable.

Special Memories & Moments…

What are some of your partner’s special moments before and after they met you? And what made those moments special?

What moments do they treasure? What memories make their heart smile?

What was their first car? Favorite road trip and road trip music? What was their favorite experience or adventure, and why? What was their first job or two? Did they have a childhood pet, and what was its name?

We’ll end with the question we began with. After going through these five areas of a person’s life, how well do you know your spouse?

Please remember that it’s impossible to know everything about someone, nor is it necessary. Besides, a little privacy is healthy in a marriage if you’re not hiding or keeping something from your spouse.

But the general categories we covered in this article are things everyone should know about their spouse. Maybe you could treat your spouse to a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant and start getting to know each other all over again.

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