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Part 3: Why You Need Boundaries In Life and Love

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Part 3: Why You Need Boundaries In Life and Love

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Boundaries give you the freedom and space to live your life. Without them, you can’t be healthy or happy. But they can be tough to set and enforce. Here’s why: 

1. Boundaries require you to put your needs and priorities first

It isn’t easy putting yourself first because it feels selfish and rude. If you’re a people-pleaser or are desperate for love, it’ll be especially difficult. But you must do it for the sake of your emotional health and wellbeing.  

2. Boundaries require you to know yourself

Do you know what you like and what you expect from yourself and others? If your perception of yourself is clouded or unclear, it will be extremely difficult to set and implement effective boundaries that reflect and protect your needs, values, and highest priorities.

3. Boundaries require you to acknowledge you have rights

Setting boundaries means that you feel and KNOW that you have the right to be treated a certain way. For insecure people, feeling that they have the right to be treated a certain way does not come naturally. They feel as though they’re not entitled to the treatment that they want and deserve.

4. Fear that boundaries offend or hurt relationships

Many people feel as though setting boundaries will hurt their relationships. It’s difficult for them to enforce boundaries out of fear of losing someone they love or admire. However, losing someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries isn’t a person worth having in your life. 

5. Boundaries take practice

If you’ve never set boundaries before, setting them for the first time can feel awkward, even challenging, but it gets easier with time.

Remember: Boundaries are imaginary lines that separate your needs from someone else’s needs. 

As we saw in part two of this series, there are many types of boundaries that are essential to having healthy and happy relationships with those around you. 

Boundaries can be difficult to set and enforce. But, it’s something you must do to have a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

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