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Are you madly in love or just plain mad? Attend a "Mad About Marriage" seminar to find out!

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The “Mad About Marriage” television series was created as part of LifeStyle Magazine, a talk show hosted by Mike and Gayle Tucker. Topics include “too little sex”, finances, lack of love and respect, and much more.

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Through “Mad About Marriage” seminars Faith For Today can help enhance the quality of the marriages in your church. In addition when you invite couples from your community, the seminars serve as a wonderful addition to your church’s evangelistic outreach.

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5 Ways Loving Your Life Makes Things Better

What you think and feel about your life is something you get to decide. It’s a choice. And it’s an important one because it determines your reality. Maybe you’ve made a few mistakes, and things haven’t always (or rarely) gone as you hoped or planned. But deciding life is a…

Is There Science to the Perfect Marriage?

Please enjoy this week’s guest post written exclusively for Mad About Marriage by Sophia Emma! Having a good – if not perfect – marriage is something many people are interested in. In a report on the current state of marriage, researchers highlighted a long-held social belief that the best marriages consist…

5 Lessons Conflict Can Teach Us

We all want emotional and mental peace, especially in our most important relationships. No healthy person enjoys or thrives on conflict. If they do, avoid them. And although we know we can’t escape conflict because it’s a part of life, we tend to avoid it because it makes us feel…