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Are you madly in love or just plain mad? Attend a "Mad About Marriage" seminar to find out!

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The “Mad About Marriage” television series was created as part of LifeStyle Magazine, a talk show hosted by Mike and Gayle Tucker. Topics include “too little sex”, finances, lack of love and respect, and much more.

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Through “Mad About Marriage” seminars Faith For Today can help enhance the quality of the marriages in your church. In addition when you invite couples from your community, the seminars serve as a wonderful addition to your church’s evangelistic outreach.

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Everywhere you look, there’s conflict and strife in the world, near and abroad. Whether it’s a disagreement with your spouse or deep-seated resentment towards a friend or colleague, unresolved conflict damages your relationships and your health, too. According to an article published on the Hopkins Medicine website, “Studies have found…

The Strong Connection Between Self-Care, Work, and Stress Management

With how busy and stressful your daily life can be due to work, family, and personal relationships, it always helps to take a break and prioritize your needs. As such, a previous post recommends adopting self-care practices to not only benefit your mental health but also foster deeper relationships, including…

Beyond Birth: Strategies for Thriving During the Postpartum Period

Few things in life are more thrilling than welcoming a newborn baby into the family! Children fill our lives with so much love and joy. However, for some couples postpartum depression becomes part of their parenting journey. The conditions it creates can cause long-term consequences for the family and marriage….